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The three giants of Europe who fight for N´Golo Kanté after seeing him play for the Champions League

The Frenchman dazzled with his talent in the series against Real Madrid

By Fredi Roman

The Frenchman dazzled with his talent in the series against Real Madrid
The Frenchman dazzled with his talent in the series against Real Madrid
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Chelsea is on the cover of the world's leading media. The London team, with a very good performance, got into the final of the Champions League after eliminating Real Madrid by an aggregate result of 3-1. Christian Pulisic was important to achieve the goal. However, there was another player who surprised everyone: N´Golo Kanté. The Frenchman had such a high level that he caught the attention of three of the most important clubs in Europe.

 The first of the clubs that was surprised by his level is Real Madrid. The Merengue suffered "in their own flesh" to the talent of the midfielder. In the first leg he was in charge of canceling Luka Modric, one of the best midfielders in the world, in addition to creating dangerous situations for his team. In the rematch at Stramford Bridge on Wednesday, he was a true ball-retrieving machine and was also instrumental in his team's second goal.

Another important team that was dazzled by their level is Paris Saint-Germain. The Parisians returned to stay with the desire to conquer the Champions League for the first time and for next season they want to reinforce the squad in the best possible way. In that sense, they know that up front they have no problems with Neymar, Kylián Mbappé, Ángel Di María, Mauro Icardi and the rest. However, in the middle there are problems. Because although Leandro Paredes always complies, he needs a player with the characteristics of Kanté next to him.

The third giant team from Europe that wants to sign him in the next transfer market is Bayern Munich. The German team, multi-champion in their country, knows perfectly well that to win the Champions League again as it did in the 2019-2020 edition, they must have a player with Kanté's conditions on their squad, who not only provides defensive solutions , but also be a game generator.

N´Golo Kanté is not a fan of cars

N'Golo Kanté, a Chelsea player, earns 325 thousand euros per week. The player is 30 years old and is currently the best asset of the Blues becoming the best paid player in the history of the English team. Even so, with all the money generated by the French footballer, ostentatious cars are not one of the factors that describe his daily life, because unlike most footballers in the world, Kanté has a car bought in 2015 that he continues to use frequently. Well, just in 2020 he acquired a brand new Mercedes.

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