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The surprising response of Florentino Pérez to Sergio Ramos, which nobody expected, and forced him to leave Madrid

Florentino Pérez understands that Sergio Ramos has not gone hand in hand with the club in a complicated context due to the economic situation and the Sevillian has not felt valued

Sergio Ramos and Florentino Pérez
Sergio Ramos and Florentino Pérez

The pulse was won by Florentino Pérez because he was clear that he was not going to move from his negotiating position with Sergio Ramos. The president of Real Madrid had many arguments to let the months go by and not get nervous about the matter of a renewal that had no turning back. The proposal he made to the captain was the same one accepted by Luka Modric. One more season with a 10% pay cut. Modric (35 years old) was receptive from the first moment and, according to the club, understanding with the economic situation that causes the decrease in income due to the pandemic.

Modric (Ballon d'Or) showed that he wanted to continue at Real Madrid. Ramos, no. It is the conclusion drawn by the leaders. Sergio Ramos was losing support inside the dressing room with a position of strength in which neither teammates nor friends, such as Modric and Lucas Vázquez, continued on his way. He also had the backing of Zidane, but the French coach only limited himself to assessing his figure at press conferences.

Zidane did not do more for Ramos in his conversations with Florentino and José Ángel Sánchez (CEO). Zidane's situation also worsened with the club, he took distance, there was less communication and this damaged the strategy of a captain who was increasingly alone in his pulse with the president.

The discrepancies over the duration of the contract and the salary cut were the trigger for the breakdown of a negotiation that left Florentino Pérez with a clear advantage. The president was firm. He did not move from a policy of cuts in a context of precariousness caused by the pandemic. The passage of the months further entangled the relationship between Florentino and Ramos due to the leaks that appeared in different media. The president did not like that it was said that Sergio Ramos did not have a renewal offer. The Sevillian maintained that he had nothing in writing. There was tension and Florentino, in this type of situation that causes instability and transmits a negative image, does not accept it.

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