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The Belgium coach ignored Cristiano Ronaldo in the pre-match for the Euro Cup

The Belgium coach was happy with what has been achieved so far with his team and stood out. "I feel a great privilege to be part of this group," he said.

Roberto Martínez
Roberto Martínez

Belgium will have their most difficult challenge in Euro 2021 this Sunday when they face Portugal for the round of 16 of the tournament. The coach of the ‘Red Devils’, Roberto Martínez, spoke with the press in the run-up to the match and was very proud of his team for what they have achieved so far.

Martínez stressed that for him it is "a pleasure and pride, especially in a tournament as important as the Eurocup", to train the Belgian team, with which he will complete his 60th game at the La Cartuja stadium, although it also means pressure because he lives with great intensity each game.

"I feel a great privilege to be part of this group, perhaps I am the spokesperson, but on Sunday we will try to make the celebration of the entire work group, which is very committed, and of the players, who from day one have been fantastic with me", he said.

The Spanish coach referred to the fact that FIFA has considered them the current best team in the world, thanks to the work they have done, but was very realistic in stating that "that doesn't mean anything" because on Sunday They face the current champion of the Eurocup and the League of Nations. When consulted by Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal's top star, he explained that he prefers to stay with Kevin de Bruyne.

“I wouldn't change it because I have a lot of affection for Kevin after five years with him. He is the best playmaker in the world of football. He is special, he plays with brain and I have never seen another player of that type. I would not change it for that, for the love I have for Kevin.

“All the work we do is to win every game. So far we have been perfect, with three victories, and we have a lot of positivity before this tie, "he said about the duel against Portugal, a well-armed rival, who" works well "in defense and that allows him to" create a lot of danger on the counterattack”.

Martínez also stressed that "all attacking players" of the Portuguese team "have that quality moment in which, if you disconnect, they can beat you", with which they expect a rival "with a lot of experience", capable of playing "very well with or without the ball" and that "with very little (scoring chances) can do you a lot of damage".

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