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Soccer stars addicted to Casino in their free time: The fortune they are willing to lose

By Alexis Almosnino

Soccer stars addicted to Casino in their free time: The fortune they are willing to lose

They are dedicated to soccer and they do it very well. They are mega stars, but off the court, they have other hobbies. In this case, gambling and Casino.

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David Beckham, Paul Merson, Gianluigi Buffon and Gerard Piqué are some of the examples of footballers who have among their hobbies attending various casinos around the world, where they are treated like real stars and always have their place reserved.

The world of highly competitive sports is always attractive and many times the interest of the public exceeds the results achieved in the matches of the different disciplines. Elite athletes famous for their achievements within the stadiums transcend beyond the sports pages.

Turned into celebrities, many soccer players fill the society or entertainment pages also because of their fondness for casino games and high stakes. With the development of gaming rooms on the Internet, not a few sports figures have become faces of digital casinos. They not only promote brands but also highlight the advantages of playing on the web. Reading more on the subject can shed some light on this global trend.

On the other hand, traditional casinos like Las Vegas or Monte Carlo, invite footballers to play at their facilities. Thus, the most famous players who like to gamble visit the VIP areas to enjoy themselves without being harassed. 

- David Beckham: Is one of the most famous soccer players in history. Yes, but he's already retired. Today, David Beckham, a former star of Manchester United and Real Madrid, among others, has become involved in the gambling business. Since leaving football, Beckham has spent a lot of time in the best casinos located in Las Vegas making big bets. Beckham is involved in the industry as an investor, but also as a player. It seems that the blonde's new bet is to invest more money in casinos in Singapore and Macau.

- Paul Merson:  Is a household name in soccer. But also on the pages of scandals. This Englishman, who began his career at Arsenal and helped the team win several championships until 1994, had two problems in his career due to his addiction to alcohol and gambling. Although he once claimed that he overcame those addictions, it is estimated that he lost about 8 million euros on gambling alone. Today, Merson is a football commentator who appears on UK television and radio. Your high-risk gambling bets are not far behind.

- Gigi Buffon: While many footballers gamble and gamble until they become addicted, the case of Gigi Buffon is different: the current goalkeeper has kept his love of gambling in check despite winning and losing large sums of money. Today, the veteran athlete enjoys playing poker with friends, although years ago he was the brand ambassador for PokerStars, an online casino specialized in, of course, poker games. However, despite his good conduct, he was once accused of participating in illegal gambling and while nothing could be verified, his name was tainted.

- Gerard Piqué: Known as one of the winningest defenders in Barcelona's history - and his marriage to Shakira - Gerard Piqué is one of the iconic players at various online casinos. His love for casino games began when he was at Manchester United and grew stronger over the years. Even the managers of Barcelona were concerned about the possibility that he would get into debt. However, over time, Piqué developed a very controlled playing behavior. Over the years he has been seen on European Poker Tours as a brand ambassador for PokerStars and in various land based casinos around the world. Having fun, of course.

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