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Sergio Agüero imitates Lionel Messi in his diet: what do the players eat to perform at their best?

Kun and La Pulga share the same culinary tastes to perform in their clubs

By Mauricio Saenz

Kun and La Pulga share the same culinary tastes to perform in their clubs
Kun and La Pulga share the same culinary tastes to perform in their clubs
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Barcelona's already working to create what will be its squad for next season and in it, it seems that Sergio Agüero's going to have a lot to say. Catalan media have closed the agreement with the Argentine Manchester City player, which in principle would be announced once the season ends (in Kun's case it will not be until the Champions League final dispute against Chelsea). Faced with this situation, we wonder what's the diet that this crack follows, which has made him endure 10 seasons in the City (becoming the Club's top scorer with 258 goals) hungry for more in Barcelona, at 32 years old.

The truth's that Kun hasn't always been in its ideal state of form. Back in 2015, the footballer decided to radically change his diet to become a vegetarian. As he himself explained: "I had to change many things, starting with my diet. I needed a healthier lifestyle and I went to see a doctor in Italy. He checked me and told me what I had to change, which was quite a lot: no more pasta, no more sugar and no more meat, foods that I used to eat a lot because in Argentina meat's very good".

Agüero assured that, as a result, "I haven't had more muscle injuries. Before, for example, after every three training sessions I had to stop, and that has improved". "I've also done many treatments after training and now I hope to continue like this until the end of my career," he added at that time.

Pep Guardiola effect

Despite this, the weight of the player has still been questioned on several occasions. For example, when in 2016 a photo of the Argentine with a naked torso after a friendly match set off all the alarms on Twitter. It was then when, they say, that Pep Guardiola invited Sergio to eat. The technical director wanted his forward to improve her eating habits and adjust to a diet that is richer in fiber.

Sergio Agüero imitated Lionel Messi

The two Argentine stars have passed through the hands of Giuliano Poser, a prestigious doctor who has treated numerous professional athletes and who offers treatments that combine kinesiology, nutrition, postural corrections and rehabilitation exercises.

In an interview with ‘Corriere del Veneto’, the referee explained how his methodology works, starting with nutrition. "Vegetables, fruits of the season and a good mineral water are the essential fuel for our muscles. We must reduce the intake of processed foods or foods contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, medicines... And, of course, alcohol, tobacco and foods that do not they are tolerated. The body's detoxification capacity gradually decreases with increasing age and the same behaviors cause different effects than a few years before. Soccer players often pay the consequences of poor nutrition".

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