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Real Madrid or PSG? Kylian Mbappé defined his future

The French striker made a decision that surprised everyone

By Mauricio Saenz

The French striker made a decision that surprised everyone
The French striker made a decision that surprised everyone
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The news of the more than possible goodbye from Zinedine Zidane moves the foundations of Real Madrid. Massimiliano Allegri's the technician best positioned to replace him. There is also Raúl González, who's currently at Real Madrid Castilla. But beyond that important circumstance, the Frenchman's departure brings many consequences. The first, knowing how it will affect the project, especially regarding the main objective, which's Kylian Mbappé

Although at first it could be thought that the arrival of Mbappé was linked in a way to the continuity of Zidane (they're compatriots and they admire each other), the reality's that it isn't. According to the Spanish sports newspaper AS from sources close to the negotiation, Mbappé's totally determined to wear the Madrid shirt regardless of his next coach. Everything's at the expense of PSG agreeing to sell him this summer, when he will only have one year left on his contract in Paris.

Mbappé, likewise, is determined to hold out without giving the ok to the last renewal offer that he has on the table and that brings his salary closer to the 36 million euros net that Neymar charges. Now, the French star charges 25. That is the maximum amount, 25, that he will be able to receive in Madrid. And yet he wants to come, proof that his decision (since the money is in the background) transcends which coach is on the bench.

Therefore, Allegri (or Raúl), is close to starting a project (whenever Zidane leaves), with a superstar in charge. Because if it isn't Mbappé, Madrid will try to sign Erling Haaland, who's actually scheduled for the summer of 2022. It would simply be a matter of changing the order.

This summer Haaland would come (although the cost of it would be quite expensive) and in 2022, already free, Mbappé. But everything is yet to be defined. Including Zidane leaving and who will be his replacement.


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