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Raúl Jiménez can leave Wolverhampton to sign in a giant of Europe

The Mexican forward could change clubs. 

By Fredi Roman

The Mexican forward could change clubs. 
The Mexican forward could change clubs. 
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After some historic campaigns with Wolverhampton, in which he was the main figure and led him to play international competitions, a severe skull injury deprived Raúl Jiménez of continuing to demonstrate his level in the Premier League. The same occurred in the first games of the current season, in the match against Arsenal and after a blow against David Luiz.

The low performance of the Wolves showed the total dependence of the Mexican. The difference in his level with the rest of his companions and his age (he is 30 years old) may be aspects that the one born in America considers to be transferred. Along these lines, José Mourinho asked the Roma board of directors to make an effort to sign the midfielder. The information was provided by Alfredo Pedullà, a journalist for La Gazzetta dello Sport and Sportitalia.

The Portuguese recently arrived at La Loba and thus made his return to Serie A after his last stint at Inter, a club where he won Serie A, the Italian Cup and even the Champions League. A few weeks ago he had been fired from Tottenham.

Due to his inactivity, and according to Transfermarkt, the player's market value fell considerably, which would make his arrival more affordable: There by March 2020 it was worth around 50 million euros, and it sounded to reinforce large European teams, such as the Atlético of Madrid or AC Milan. However, being so long without activity, his courage plummeted.

How much is Raúl Jiménez worth?

Currently, the former America is valued at 35 million euros and, if he continues without playing, his price will continue to fall even more. Raúl already trains with the squad led by Nuno Espírito Santo and it is expected that he can return as soon as possible.


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