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Paul Pogba imitated Cristiano Ronaldo and removed a sponsor beer from Euro 2021

By Mauricio Saenz

Paul Pogba imitated Cristiano Ronaldo and removed a sponsor beer from Euro 2021

The Frenchman carried out an action that caused astonishment in all who saw him

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France obtained a good victory against Germany on the first date of Group F of Euro 2021. Although it was 1-0, it could easily be much wider if the VAR did not annul a goal to Kylian Mbappé and another to Karim Benzemá for offside. The great figure of the match was Paul Pogba, who alongside N'Golo Kanté in the midfield, gave a lecture on how to play a match of this nature.

And just as he shone in the game, Paul Pogba also made headlines for two actions. The first, because the German defender Antonio Rüdiger bit him on the back, a situation that neither the match referee nor those who were in the VAR observed. And then for something he did off the field of play.

It's that in the press conference that he gave in Munich, the midfielder who plays for Manchester United sat in the chair, looked at the table where the microphone was and withdrew from in front of him a bottle of beer from one of the main sponsors of the Euro 2021.

This's the second action of this type carried out in the current edition of the Euro, after Cristiano Ronaldo removed two bottles of Coca-Cola and asked people not to consume them and to drink water instead of soda.

The reason why Paul Pogba removed the beer bottle

Paul Pogba professes the Islamic religion, in which the consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed. For this reason, without saying anything, he took the beer bottle and took it away from him.

The moment when Paul Pogba removes the beer bottle

The trajectory of Paul Pogba


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