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Ovation, two goals and a historical record: Sergio Agüero and a complete farewell to Manchester City

By Mauricio Saenz

Ovation, two goals and a historical record: Sergio Agüero and a complete farewell to Manchester City

Sergio Agüero will no longer play at home with Manchester City and his fans paid tribute to him

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He came as a star, he leaves as a legend. A Sunday full of emotions' what Sergio Agüero experienced in his last home game in Manchester City. First, the fan cheered him on; then he came in, scored two goals and set a new all-time Premier League record: being the highest scoring player for a single club. To clap standing up!

There's no doubt that Agüero's the most important player in the history of the Citizens. And in his last home game, he showed it again. In the run-up to the game against Everton, the City fan paid tribute to the Argentine: within the restrictions allowed by the coronavirus pandemic, he filled the stadium tribune and gave him a standing ovation. His companions and rivals, meanwhile, set up the traditional hall of honor through which Kun walked, with tears in their eyes of emotion.

Already in the match, he made it clear that he is a world star and that he will add hierarchy to Barcelona, a club in which he will continue his sports career. Josep Guardiola ordered him to enter at 20 minutes of the second half, replacing Riyad Mahrez. And a handful of minutes later, he took advantage of a gift from the Everton defense to sidestep a pair of opponents and score his first goal of the game.

Sergio Agüero edged out Wayne Rooney to set a new Premier League record

And to further expand his legend, Agüero scored another goal in his fired home game, which meant he surpassed Wayne Rooney as the player with the most goals in the same club: 184 against Rooney's 183 at Manchester United. And if we take into account the number of games that each one needed to achieve it (275 for Kun against 393 for Rooney) it increases his story even more.

The moment when Sergio Agüero entered the previous match and was applauded

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