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América already has the money to hire Raúl Jiménez for six months

By Alexis Almosnino

América already has the money to hire Raúl Jiménez for six months

Raúl Jiménez to America: Dream or reality? From the economic point of view, it could turn into a loan. It remains to know if he is willing to return to Liga MX.

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Reaching Europe is the dream of any professional footballer, which takes place on any other continent in the world. The salaries, the enormous sums that a pass to another team is worth, the competitiveness and the possibility of growth, are unmatched in the rest of the planet. 

Now, although the main objective is to get to the football of the old continent, not everyone manages to succeed, or at least stay current in time. In a coffee chat, we would repeatedly hear the phrase "Europe is not for everyone". Now what kind of Europe are you targeting? Of course, it is not the same to play in the football of Serbia or Hungary, than in the English Premier League.

Raúl Jiménez did it. In fact, he left very young, and carrying a suitcase full of clothes and illusions, he disembarked in Spain. How would it go? It would be a matter of time, but he knew that in Mexico they would wait for him back with open arms. Since then, 7 years have passed, and 3 clubs. Atlético de Madrid, Benfica and the current Wolverhampton. That is, with 30 years of age, and about 200 games played on the other side of the ocean, we could say that his career has been a success so far.

However, from Mexico they do not forget it, and today a possibility opens up that undoubtedly excites the fans of America. The departure of Giovani Dos Santos from the team uncovers the economic possibility of Raúl Jiménez returning, at least on loan for a few months. The truth is that Liga MX, is gaining more and more relevance, so its arrival would not be unreasonable, at least in order to accumulate minutes of activity, and raise the level personally.

As for what transpired, his salary is totally achievable for a club like America. In fact, it is strange that it is so low, considering the demands we are used to in the Premier League. However, it could not only equal the value that they pay in England, but even exceed it, since 3 million dollars per season, does not turn out to be anything crazy, taking into account the player we are referring to.


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