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Neymar got angry and doesn't want to play the Copa América

By Mauricio Saenz

Neymar got angry and doesn't want to play the Copa América

Neymar and several "European" colleagues from Brazil will show his position after playing against Ecuador for the World Cup Qualifiers

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At this point it can be said that until the ball is set in motion, the realization of the America's Cup isn't guaranteed. In the midst of so many questions in the country for committing to host, the players of the Brazil team seem willing to turn their backs on the competition. In the last training session prior to this Friday's qualifying game, the most experienced, that is, those who act in Europe, delayed practice because they are opposed to playing at home amid the tremendous coronavirus pandemic.

For now, coach Tite warned that the players will make his position known in the next few hours. This situation occurred on the same day that the worst numbers of infections and deaths were recorded since March.

The bomb exploded in the moments prior to the appearance at a press conference of the coach, Tite. The Real Madrid player, Casemiro, should have appeared next to him, but this did not happen.

Minutes earlier, it had been leaked that the Brazilians who are active in Europe had requested an emergency meeting with the CBF to convey their idea of not participating in the America's Cup. Asked about it, Tite himself was sincere: "The players have an opinion, contrary to the president, about playing the tournament. That is why our captain, Casemiro, is absent here."

Despite Bolsonaro's efforts, Brazil has had innumerable problems finding four cities that will agree to host the Copa América, which was originally to be held in Colombia and Argentina. Most of the governors refused to host the tournament and finally it was learned that the four venues would be Brasilia, Rio, Goiania and Cuiabá. However, the players are not satisfied and threaten to boycott the tournament.


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