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Neither Real Madrid nor Manchester United: Cristiano Ronaldo defined his future outside Juventus

The Portuguese knows where he will continue his career after Juventus

By Fredi Roman

The Portuguese knows where he will continue his career after Juventus
The Portuguese knows where he will continue his career after Juventus
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Cristiano Ronaldo came to Juventus from Italy with the expectation of staying at the top of world football and that the team can win the Champions League again after many years. Beyond having won some titles and having demonstrated the validity of it, the Portuguese was eliminated in all editions of the UEFA tournament in the round of 16 and saw how Inter broke with the hegemony that his own in Serie A. 

Many media began to speculate that CR7 would analyze his departure from Vecchia Signora in the coming summer, and new information surprised when stating that the football star would have decided his next and last team to play as a professional. According to the Italian journalist, Claudio Raimondi, a return to Real Madrid would be totally ruled out and that Manchester United doesn't have the financial resources for a return to the Premier League.

And that the departure of the scorer would occur once his contract was fulfilled in 2022. "Ronaldo has no intention of leaving Juventus, he wants to fulfill the contract that only ends in 2022. Returning to Spain is not a real possibility and United does not have the financial resources for such an operation", he explained.

According to the same information, Ronaldo would have already resolved to return to Sporting Lisbon, the team that saw him make his football debut, to play two more years and then retire permanently from the sport. This would occur once he concluded his link with the whole of Turin. "Cristiano Ronaldo wants to finish his cycle with Juventus and then play for two years with Sporting Lisbon", he revealed.

And he added: "There are no conditions that allow Ronaldo to leave Juventus, even if they are related to his sponsors". In this way, CR would remain at Juventus in Italy for another year, and once their relationship ended, he would return to the club that formed him and in which he made his debut at age 18, where he scored seven goals and five assists in 31 games. before leaving for England.


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