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N'Golo Kanté's life story: from collecting garbage to win the Champions League with Chelsea

N'Golo Kanté's one of the best midfielders and several clubs want to sign him

By Mauricio Saenz

N'Golo Kanté's one of the best midfielders and several clubs want to sign him
N'Golo Kanté's one of the best midfielders and several clubs want to sign him
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You may not have noticed, but N'Golo Kanté was on the pitch in Leicester's spectacular campaign to be crowned Premier League champions in 2016. He may not have been able to make the connection between the events, but N'Golo Kanté left Leicester to go to Chelsea and lift the Premier League title again a year later.

He was the one who, again with Chelsea, was proclaimed champion of the Europa League 2018-2019 and who, in Russia, was a key piece for the French National Team to conquer the World Cup and thus trigger a spectacular party for the streets of Paris. And the same person who this Saturday, in Porto, lifted the Champions League for the first time in his life being one of the great figures of Chelsea.

You may not know it, but Kanté was not noticed by French society during his childhood. You can find a little Kanté, 1.68 meters tall, in the corner of his house or near the center of the city where he lives.

The son of immigrants, Kanté was a garbage collector in Paris. The midfielder needed to bring food home and it was necessary to help his father. As if helping the family by working on the streets of the French capital was not enough, Kanté was struck by fate and lost his father at the age of 11.

Being a soccer player was a dream and between working in the streets and Parisian classes, Kanté began to attract attention. His height didn't help her much, but it was hard not to follow him. After fighting for a space in the small Suresnes, N'Golo went to the also small Boulogne and from there to Caen. Kanté always knew that the footballer could even open doors for a change in his life and he took the opportunity to study and graduate as an accountant.

In his first season, Kanté won his place in the first team and the following year he garnered outstanding performances in the team's return to the French first division. From there to being champion in another little one that became a giant, Leicester. And from there, to win again at Chelsea.

Celebrated by his teammates for their hard work on the field, N'Golo Kanté already collects cups, tackles and stories. Everything was very fast, everything was very painful and everything was achieved based on a lot of work.



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