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Joan Laporta spoke about the future of Lionel Messi in Barcelona and surprised everyone

By Mauricio Saenz

Joan Laporta spoke about the future of Lionel Messi in Barcelona and surprised everyone

The president of Barcelona spoke about Messi's contract and left a phrase that surprised everyone

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Joan Laporta's word was one of the most anticipated in Barcelona given the many questions that are posed about the Catalan club: the continuity of Lionel Messi, the future coach, the tempting possibility of repatriating Josep Guardiola, what will be the signings for the Next season and the dilemma surrounding the European Super League are just some of the edges that generate the most interest among fans.

The man who assumed the presidency of the entity at the beginning of March of this year held a press conference and gave details on the various issues that keep one of the European powers in suspense.

While the versions indicated that the top manager had presented Messi with a renewal offer, Laporta himself took charge of reducing anxiety: “The new contract with Messi's going well, but it has not been done. We must continue working from all sectors of the club, from the sports vice presidency, with the executives involved in this issue, also from the presidency. We are trying to come up with a proposal that, within the club's possibilities, the player accepts”.

The reference's linked to the sensitive financial situation faced by the Blaugrana, which forces the parties to seriously evaluate how to reach a fruitful agreement for all. "The relationship is very good, because Leo loves Barça and, although he is a player who is coveted for his talent, we do have the perception that we are preparing everything that is necessary for him to continue at Barça," he clarified.

Without giving too many details about how the procedures are, he opened the door to understand what are the methods to seduce the Rosario footballer who will end his contract on June 30 and today is concentrated with the Argentine team with a view to the South American Qualifiers and the America Cup.

"Leo asks for affection, affection, to feel comfortable, to be comfortable. If you talk to me about something more intimate, I tell you this: feel comfortable, have fun again and smile; see that he can win. It is the only thing that has it in a reflection process, but he is putting a lot on his part because he knows the very important effort we are making. When I say that he asks for love, it is not that he asks verbally, it is that you notice: he has years left and he wants to enjoy them. going to train and being at ease, with the coach, the teammates, the environment, etc. Leo, especially, is a man of great character, with great personality, and I want to thank him for his efforts to understand that we are making an effort”, sentenced.

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