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Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez had lunch in Madrid: what did talk about?

La Pulga and El Pistolero had a meeting with their partners

By Mauricio Saenz

La Pulga and El Pistolero had a meeting with their partners
La Pulga and El Pistolero had a meeting with their partners
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Luis Suárez and Lionel Messi, by all he is known, are close friends to whom not even the distance (the Uruguayan lives in Madrid, the Argentine does it in Barcelona) prevents them from sharing moments when their professional obligations allow them both. Either in the Ciudad Condal or in the capital of Spain, where this Tuesday they have joined with the morbidity that Atlético's playing next Saturday.

At the Numa Pompilio restaurant, in the heart of Madrid, the two stars have met in a 'celebration' that could well be a talisman for the Uruguayan tip, who has won several leagues with Messi nearby but is now in a position to show that Barça was wrong to let him leave last August.

Suárez and Messi have been one of the best strikers on the football planet for years. Together with Neymar they formed the MSN that won the last Barça Champions League in 2015. A spearhead like few times has been seen that goes beyond those years together at the Camp Nou.

With the Brazilian at Paris Saint-Germain, the Messi-Suárez partnership was blown up when Barça opened the doors to the forward. A few doors that Atlético took advantage of in a masterful way to send Álvaro Morata to Turin... and get one of the best forwards of the last decade.

The results, in the absence of ninety minutes, give the reason to Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, CEO, who turned the signing of 9 into a personal endeavor... which has been appreciated by the Uruguayan himself with 20 goals in the current League. The last, unforgettable, in the 88th minute against Osasuna to allow Atlético to lead the last round. For now, nothing better than a meal with his friend of the soul to serve as a talisman for the final on Sunday.



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