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Kun Agüero's hilarious explanation about the blooper in the Champions League: "The referee was on a birthday"

With a lot of humor, the Manchester City forward recalled the action  

By Mauricio Saenz

With a lot of humor, the Manchester City forward recalled the action
With a lot of humor, the Manchester City forward recalled the action  
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"The referee was on a birthday". True to his style, this is how Sergio Agüero qualified the fourth official who starred in a blooper in the last Manchester City match. Kun went back to doing his thing and used his Twicht account to explain what happened in the epilogue of the match that the Citizens played against Paris Saint-Germain, for the second leg of the Champions League. 

"Did you see what happened to the referee? They shit laughing. I take to Twitter and I see Manchester City first in trends. Of course, we had won. I go down and I see that I was fourth or fifth, and it was because of the referee. Blame it on you (viewers) who make those memes fast. What happened? You got the wrong number, I'm 10. Thank you pa”, he started, laughing, about the episode that went viral.

“Sure, I was there and I look at the number and I see 9-47. I say no, if 9 is Gabriel Jesús and he has already entered, and 47 is Phil Foden and he has to leave so... Hey pa, I tell him, you were wrong", continued Agüero who, as usually happens in every intervention on his channel , he kept doing his show. "The referee is not even aware, when I look at him I say I am the 10 pa huh. Anyone was sent, the fourth referee was on a birthday. Sure, he was cold shit and he had the last number of Gabriel left and he said 'well I won't change it", he joked.

There were 7 minutes to go to the end of the second Champions League semi-final when Sergio Agüero had the chance to be part of another historic moment in the life of Manchester City: he entered for Phil Foden in a 2-0 victory against PSG. Thus, the Citizens and Kun will play their first definition in the Orejona, just as the forward is about to close his stage at the club, in which he became the top scorer of all time.

The former Independiente and Atlético Madrid jumped onto the field after listening to the affectionate indications of Pep Guardiola and receiving the greeting from Mauricio Pochettino, who approached to pat him, in recognition of the fact that his cast was staying out of the competition .




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