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Joshua Kimmich's net worth: his salary and how much money earns in Bayern Múnich?

By Alexis Almosnino

Joshua Kimmich's net worth: his salary and how much money earns in Bayern Múnich?

The salaries of footballers can be crazy for the common people. In fact, perhaps a simple transfer can save them financially for life. The case of Joshua Kimmich, a star of Bayern Munich, and the German team, is no exception.

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At the early age of 20, Joshua Kimmich found the great opportunity that every child who dreams of being a footballer wants; let one of the biggest clubs in the world knock on your door. And so it happened with good old Joshua, who saw the opportunity to go to a great place come to him and he was not going to miss it.

His great performance and adaptation to the position of right back were presented as a unique opportunity for both the player and the team. The club knew Philipp Lahm would retire at the end of the 2016/2017 season (Joshua's second at Bayern) and the player found a way to gain minutes.

The similarity both physical and football did not go unnoticed and his superb performance in this second season with Bayern Munich caught the attention of coach Joachim Löw, whose pulse did not tremble to summon the young player to play Euro 2016, despite still he had not debuted with the senior team. Lahm's heir was settling down.

Born soccer player in Stuttgart, and briefly spent in Leipzig, Kimmich evolved into what we now know as a world-class star. That, which on the one hand gave him prestige, since it is not for everyone to wear the captain's belt of Bayern Munich, and of the German team, it was also accommodating him economically, well above the average of the people.

How much Joshua Kimmich earn from his football career?

Joshua Kimmich has a Net Worth of 36 million pounds.

Joshua Kimmich's Market Value

His actual market value, is about 69 million pounds, with a salary of 7 million dollars per year.

Joshua Kimmich's Monthly Wage

Joshua Kimmich currently earns 587.045 pounds per week.

This means:

- 137,000.00 pounds per week

- 19,571.43 pounds per day

- 815.48 pounds per hour

- 13.59 pounds per minute

- 0.23 pounds per second



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