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How much does N'Golo Kanté earn a week?

N'golo Kanté wins millions, a Champions League and a World Cup, but remains with the same car as years ago.

By Alexis Almosnino

N'golo Kanté wins millions, a Champions League and a World Cup, but remains with the same car as years ago.
N'golo Kanté wins millions, a Champions League and a World Cup, but remains with the same car as years ago.
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It is common for soccer players in Europe to look for alternatives to evade taxes on their millionaire salaries. This kind of movement has caused serious sanctions against players like James Rodríguez, Falcao García, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. In the case of Ronaldo, he had to pay a fine of 5.7 million euros to the Spanish treasury and according to European media this situation precipitated his departure from Real Madrid, because the Portuguese felt unprotected by the merengue club.

French midfielder N'Golo Kante taught his colleagues a lesson and refused to be paid part of his salary with Chelsea on advantageous tax terms in Jersey or to receive offshore payments for his image rights, according to a published Football Leaks investigation. this Wednesday.

Information from the French website Mediapart ensures that six weeks before Kanté left Leicester for Chelsea in 2016, a company under the name NKPromotions was registered in Jersey, in an apparent attempt to pay 10% of the players' income. out to avoid tax.

Mediapart does not know if the company was created by Chelsea or by those around Kanté. At first, Kanté's lawyer suggested that his client would "approve" of the scheme, but last year the 27-year-old insisted through his tax advisor that he refused to receive any offshore payments. "N'Golo is inflexible: he just wants a normal salary," the Frenchman's tax advisor said in May 2017 in an email to Chelsea officials.

"Having read many newspaper articles about image rights and tax investigations against players and teams, N'Golo is increasingly concerned that the tax authorities may question the trap that was proposed to him. N'Golo he decided he didn't want to take any risks".

How much does the French earn playing for Chelsea?

Chelsea player N'Golo Kanté earns 325,000 euros per week. That means something like $ 60,000 a day, or about $ 2,000 an hour, even when you sleep. The player is 30 years old and is currently the best asset of the Blues, becoming the best paid player in the history of the English team and this weekend he could add a Champions League to his record if they beat Manchester City.

Even so, with all the money generated by the French footballer, ostentatious cars are not one of the factors that describe his daily life, because unlike most footballers in the world, Kanté has a car bought in 2015 that he continues to use frequently. Well, just in 2020 he acquired a brand new Mercedes.

His car

A mini cooper bought in 2015 is the car that accompanies the player. He bought it when he was playing for Leicester on recommendation. "I was never that kind of person who loves big cars. When I was young I never had ambition to own one. I drive a Mini. It was the car I bought when I was in Leicester City, my first vehicle in England. One person spoke to me of this brand, I tried it, I liked it and I bought it ", confessed Kanté in dialogue with the BBC. Kanté's career has stood out above all for his humble origins as the son of an immigrant family in the poorest neighborhoods of Paris.


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