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Gerard Piqué set a date for his retirement and surprised everyone

By Mauricio Saenz

Gerard Piqué set a date for his retirement and surprised everyone

The Barcelona player gave an interview in which he confirmed when he will stop playing

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When Barcelona lost last year to Bayern Munich in the Champions League for 8-2, causing a great sporting and leadership crisis, Gerard Piqué was one of the few players on the team who spoke and left open the possibility of leaving the club.

With the arrival of Ronald Koeman as coach, there was a "cleanup" in the squad that included the departure of, among others, Luis Suárez. Aware that he's no longer at his best level, Piqué acknowledged that his retirement is very close. Even that can happen in the next few months in case Koeman decides not to take it into account.

"The day I stop playing for Barcelona, I will leave football, I will never go to another team. If Koeman tells me that he will not take me into account, it's over. I'm only passionate about playing with Barça, now I would not have the motivation to put on another shirt", said the defender.

In the same sense, Piqué said that even if he receives an important financial offer, he will play for another team other than Barcelona. "I would not leave because at this moment in my career it isn't a question of money. It's priceless to be at home, I have my family, friends, in the club of my life ... That's priceless. By far money they give you. More money doesn't give you more happiness. Here we have everything. In the end you have to find your happiness and, for me, this is it".

Gerard Piqué and the arrival of Sergio Agüero to Barcelona

In an entertaining interview with Ibai Llanos, Piqué also spoke about the signing of Sergio Agüero in Barcelona. "I already got along well before. Years ago, since always, we have connected through networks. I played the U20 World Cup against him because we are from the same generation, from '87. Very good boy. Leo Messi speaks very well of him," he said .

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