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Georgina Rodríguez published an intimate photo with Cristiano Ronaldo and revealed an unexpected detail

By Mauricio Saenz

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez are, without a doubt, one of the favorite couples on social networks. With a total of 282 and 24.2 million followers respectively, the Juventus forward and his wife often share postcards of the luxurious life they lead: clothing from exclusive brands, properties and trips on their private jet. The latter, which has a value of 25 million dollars, appears followed in the photos that the Argentine-born model publishes on her Instagram account. The lavish private jet is one of the only 250 that exist in the world.

This time, Cristiano put aside his professional football-related posts to dedicate one to Georgina, where he wrote: "Adorable moments."The location of the photo was precisely his private plane, which has ostentatious details, such as a dressing room, Wi-fi, kitchen and all kinds of amenities.

However, what was exposed in the postcards that both published was the particular configuration of the airplane seats. It is that the model chose for her networks an image in which Cristiano was lying on a bed on the ship, which denoted extreme comfort.

Although the trips that the couple usually undertake are not so long -since they generally move across the European continent, especially from Italy, where the footballer currently works, to Portugal, his homeland-, the bed seats are ideal so that the athlete has a deep rest during the flights.

In addition to the opulence of the private jet, Rodríguez and CR7 displayed, as always, their splendid style, with striking sporty looks befitting the occasion. In the comments, their followers and friends praised them and did nothing more than tell them that they are the “perfect couple”.


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