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He was champion of everything with Real Madrid and now he is considering retiring

The player does not know what to do with his future and does not rule out "hanging up his boots"

By Mauricio Saenz

The player does not know what to do with his future and does not rule out "hanging up his boots"
The player does not know what to do with his future and does not rule out "hanging up his boots"
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Gareth Bale lived his best sporting moments with Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian coach got the best of the Welshman. Now the reunion between coach and striker could take place, but neither Bale is willing to put on the Real Madrid shirt again, nor does Ancelotti have the forward for what would be his third season at the head of the white team. Moreover, the Real Madrid player still plans to shelve active football once the Eurocup is over.

Bale has shown that happiness playing football is only reached by his friends, that is, with his team. Everything indicated that his problem was at Real Madrid and more specifically Zidane, but his time at Tottenham has shown that he only plays when he wants and when he finds the perfect motivation. His end to the season has been excellent and with a great scoring accent, but the rest of the campaign he has stayed away and hardly participated with Mourinho on the bench.

The French coach asked for his departure on several occasions and it was not until last summer, and after a year of total divorce, that the forward agreed to leave the discipline of Real Madrid. Bale has always declared that he feels good and adapted to Madrid. In fact, his family has remained in the capital of Spain throughout the campaign in which he has been on loan to Tottenham.

Ancelotti made that clear in introducing him and spoke bluntly about Bale. He described his season, what he had done and what he had not done, to add that in the end the one that rules is football and the motivation that each professional puts when training and competing, something in which the Italian is not going to leave or the slightest margin of doubt in his return to daily work in Valdebebas.

The forward already left doubts about his future as soon as he finished the Premier when he said that his future will be a bomb and that it was not the time to say it. Statements ratified from the concentration of his selection, making it clear that the appearance of Ancelotti changes nothing in his professional panorama.

In England there are several days that he has been talking about the possible goodbye personal football. The newspaper Marca affirms that he is in a position to ensure that this decision is in his head and that if nothing changes, he will make it public as soon as the Eurocup is over. The forward has one more year of contract with Real Madrid but he will look for a way to break that bond, something that the club will not complicate excessively.

It may come as a surprise that Bale gives up playing football at only 31 years old, but there are already several seasons in which he leaves signs that it is not his priority or if he is, he hardly shows it except when he is with your selection.


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