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From organizing a clandestine party to covering up his brother for alleged violation: the scandal of Henry Martin, forward of América

Henry Martin is investigated for a severe complaint. 

By Mauricio Saenz

Henry Martin is investigated for a severe complaint. 
Henry Martin is investigated for a severe complaint. 
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At early morning on Saturday, the news broke about the arrest of Freddy Martin, a relative of Club América footballer Henry Martin, for his alleged participation in a rape case. Although the events would have occurred in the home of the national team, he could have participated in the cover-up of his brother after the commission of the crime.

According to information from the investigation folder CI-FIDS / FDS-2 / UI-FDS-2-02 / 683 / 12-2020, cited by journalist Carlos Jiménez, after having suffered the attack, the victim turned to the soccer player to request his help. As the owner of the property and organizer of the social event, his participation in identifying the alleged aggressor was crucial.

However, after hearing the narration of the events, as well as the physical description, Henry Martin denied knowing the subject in question. Given the refusal, the victim asked to see the photographs that were taken during the party, where he pointed out the man who allegedly attacked her, but the footballer's position did not change. In fact, he claimed not to be sure who it was and, according to him, his name was Oscar.

After the party, the victim began to review the social networks of the Americanista number 21. In monitoring him, he was able to find some photographs where both characters appeared together. In addition, according to the name that the alleged aggressor registered in his profile, he was able to determine the relationship. That way, Henry Martin would have covered up his brother. After the identification, the victim went to file a complaint with the Mexico City Attorney General's Office (FGJCDMX). At that time the file was integrated and, after gathering sufficient evidence, the judge in the case decided to issue the arrest warrant against the alleged rapist.

After the circulation of the first versions, on the afternoon of Saturday, May 1, the FGJCDMX confirmed the completion of an arrest warrant against a man, for his probable participation in the crime of aggravated rape. The crime, committed in the Federal District, can merit six to seventeen years in prison, although it can increase if physical or moral violence was used.

As indicated in the statement, the assault probably took place after a meeting around the holidays of 2020. For this reason, he was admitted to the East Men's Preventive Prison and presented to the judicial authority that required it. In the same way, he is presumed innocent until his responsibility is decreed in the case.

So far, Club América hasn't issued any statement in this regard. However, it is not the first time that a player has been involved in the alleged commission of a crime for gender violence. On March 5, 2020, Renato Ibarra was arrested and charged with the crimes of attempted femicide and attempted abortion.

According to the version of Lucely Estefanía Chalá García, 24, and Ana Karen Chalá García, 31, requested police support after an altercation at the soccer player's home. In the episode, six people were arrested. On the other hand, Lucely Chalá was transferred to the Pedregal Hospital due to the risk of miscarriage.

After making the pertinent inquiries, a hearing was held. In the act, the victim and then the player's partner, denied having been attacked, as she stated that "I do not remember saying that in the interview they did with me". For that reason, they reached an agreement and Ibarra was released.

Upon seeing himself involved, on that occasion, América announced his definitive separation from the club. Later he joined the Atlas as a loan. That way, the club could take a similar stance should Henry Martin be found to be liable.


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