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Cristiano Ronaldo spoke about his future at Juventus: the clubs that want to sign him

Cristiano Ronaldo cast doubt on whether he will continue in the Italian club

By Mauricio Saenz

Cristiano Ronaldo cast doubt on whether he will continue in the Italian club
Cristiano Ronaldo cast doubt on whether he will continue in the Italian club
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Cristiano Ronaldo is hours away from playing the first game of the Euro for Portugal against Hungary, but his head isn't only in the international tournament, but also in his future at club level. It is that the arrival of Massimiliano Allegri to Juventus, a coach with whom he doesn't have a good relationship, could advance his departure from the Turin club and, in that sense, there are already three teams that want to sign him.

At a press conference, Cristiano Ronaldo himself was the one who left the door open to emigrate. “I have been playing at the highest level for eighteen years, that doesn't even tickle me. Whatever comes, it will be for the better. Regardless of whether I continue (at Juventus) or go out, that is not the most important thing at the moment”, considered the former Real Madrid star.

“If I was 18 or 19, maybe I wouldn't sleep thinking about my future. With 36 years, what I do will be for the better", he reaffirmed and added: "The focus is on the national team. It is my fifth European Championship but in my head it is as if it were the first”.

The three teams that want to sign Cristiano Ronaldo

The first team to link him to Cristiano Ronaldo is Real Madrid. The reason's simple: he left a very good memory in the Spanish club, being part of obtaining several Champions League, as well as maintaining a good relationship with Carlo Angelotti, the new coach.

The second team's Paris Saint Germain. With the possible departure of Kylian Mbappé, the French club will make an attempt to hire the Portuguese to join him with Neymar.

The third team's more a wish of the club than a possible reality. It's about Sporting Lisboa, the team where he made his debut as a professional player. The Portuguese know that they don't have the economic power of the other clubs, but they will try to sign him anyway.

In all three cases, there is an impediment that could complicate his signing: the high salary. The same's 30 million euros, a figure that, with the economic crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, could be difficult to pay.

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