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Arturo Vidal sent a clear message to Santiago Baños to sign for America

By Mauricio Saenz

Arturo Vidal sent a clear message to Santiago Baños to sign for America

The Chilean player wants to play for Las Águilas and he told the leaders again

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From an impossible dream to being real the possibility of hiring him. Arturo Vidal played with the Chilean National Team against Argentina on the first date of the Copa América and, after the match, he again made it clear that he wants to play in America. He even stated that if the leadership calls him, he has no problem negotiating the contract.

The 34-year-old midfielder mentioned that he would love to go to Mexico and play for America; However, he chose to take the pressure off himself and pointed to the institution of Coapa, as he affirmed that the intention must also come from the directive headed by Santiago Baños so that the operation can have some future.

"I like Mexico, I like America, I hope one day it will be given to me, but I need the interest to be from both parties," said King Arturo to Adrián Esparza Otero, reporter and correspondent for TUDN in the Copa América.

With a current contract at Inter Milan, it may seem utopian that he leaves one of the best institutions in Europe, where he became champion and will play the next Champions League, to play for the Mexican club. However, his desire to play for one of the most important teams in the America may tip the balance to make it happen.

Let us remember that it isn't the first time that Vidal emphasizes that he wants to play in America and that he is a fan of Las Águilas. “Clearly in each country I have a favorite team. In Brazil I have Flamengo, which I love. I have my friend Rafa that we talked to, he tells me. I had Renato too. The America of Mexico. I have Nico Castillo and Zamorano, they are teams that clearly would be a dream to play, but I'm living day by day and if at some point I could play in any of those three teams, it would be spectacular”, he declared in June 2020 for ESPN.

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