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How much does America have to pay if it wants to hire Arturo Vidal?

The Chilean showed interest in playing in the Águila, but is it possible that it will be in the short term?

Arturo Vidal showed interest in playing in the Águila.
Arturo Vidal showed interest in playing in the Águila.

Arturo Vidal is clear about the teams in which he wants to play once he leaves European football, where he currently plays for Inter Milan in Serie A and one of them is America, where he does not rule out wearing the shirt in the future and reiterated your wish.

Arturo Vidal showed interest in playing in the Águila. Photo: Goal.

“When I return, I would like, I dream of playing in Flamengo, Colo-Colo, they are with me always, I follow them a lot, Boca also like how they play, the people are very passionate, Gary (he told me). I love America from Mexico too, those are my teams. Hopefully one day I will play in one of them”, he told ESPN Chile. The King is 33 years old and focuses on continuing to fight important things in Europe, such as the Champions League, a tournament that he will play the following season after the Nerazzurri were champions of Serie A.

When does Vidal's contract with Inter end?

Vidal has a contract with Inter until 2022, a team in which it is unofficially known that he earns 7.2 million dollars, a figure that he will surely have to lower to play for Águilas, Boca, Flamengo and Colo Colo. Arturo had already expressed his Americanist desire in 2020, when he wasn't in Ronald Koeman's plans at Barcelona and later left for Inter.

Does Arturo Vidal play the Qualifiers or the Copa América?

Arturo Vidal knows that the Chilean National Team is in a decisive stage. The Golden Generation has among its objectives the qualification to Qatar 2022, but the Copa América is just around the corner and between the qualifying duels against Argenitna and Bolivia and the continental tournament there is barely a week, so Martín Lasarte wants to be very careful for both lists. If it were up to the King, he would be in both. "Me? For everything. As long as I'm okay, I can play everything, and I'm going to prepare for that," he noted on TNT Sports.

"I would like to be in both games and then the Cup, but I have to go calmly. I want to go on a day-to-day basis, I don't want to rush because I don't want to be a hindrance either, if I'm in the National Team I have to be fine, but I I would like to be on both sides, fight both games, get the 6 points and then be in the Copa América. It will be very difficult, we all know that the qualifying round and the Copa América are complicated, but it can be done", added the former Bayern Munich, who wants to hold on to any option to add more titles after winning Serie A with Inter and his compatriot Alexis Sánchez.

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