World Champion's living a dramatic moment: "I can't walk or play football again"

The historic German player's experiencing poor health

By Mauricio Saenz

The historic German player's experiencing poor health
The historic German player's experiencing poor health
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At the end of 2016 Miroslav Klose put an end to a spectacular career in which he was able to score more than 300 goals and lift the World Cup with the German national team. After announcing his retirement, he went to work together with Joachim Löw in his country's team and later did so in the Hansi Flick coaching staff at Bayern Munich, although his main objective was to be technical director.

At the beginning of May of this year he announced his departure from the German Champions League champion team, and although it was believed that it was because he would finally start his path as a coach alone, now the former footballer told why he had to leave the institution. During a handful of workouts, he had felt pain in one of his legs and then decided to get checked by the club doctors.

“It started almost three weeks ago, I suddenly had severe pain in my leg, which I couldn't identify. Then, shortly before entering the Bayern hotel quarantine, I went to see our doctors for an examination, because the pain in my leg was getting worse. At first I thought it was a pinched nerve or something. The diagnosis was a bit shocking for me", he said in dialogue with Kicker magazine.

“They discovered two thromboses in my leg. I was prescribed medication and immediately received special stockings that I now have to wear throughout the day. The doctors made it very clear to me that this situation should not be played with. For the first time I have been prescribed almost total rest. I can't take a hit, I can't jog, I can't swim, but most of all I can't play football. I almost went crazy in training ground. Not being able to kick or demonstrate the drills to the players ... Just not being able to actively do anything: It was cruel! I could only stand on the edge of the field ... That doesn't work, I don't want to and I can't work as a coach. I realized in the days that followed that I don't want to start my coaching career in professional soccer like that. All or nothing. I am clear that now it is about my health. Health must now be a priority”, added the former striker.

Miroslav Klose is the top scorer in the World Cups

Klose's the all-time top scorer in the World Cups with 16 goals and he also had the luxury of lifting the trophy in 2014, when his team beat the Argentine team in Brazil. In addition, he won eight other titles, six of them with Bayern Munich, although he was never able to win the Champions League.


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