David Beckham revealed one of his best kept secrets

By Mauricio Saenz

David Beckham revealed one of his best kept secrets

David Beckham showed what his true passion is outside of football

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The famous former English footballer David Beckham isn't only passionate about sports cars, but traveling on motorcycles is another of his preferences. One of the main shareholders of Inter Miami whenever he has an opportunity to ride he does not think twice to enjoy the air and the freedom. In his stories on Instagram, Beckham posted several photos of his motorcycle tours.

The road is also synonymous with sharp style, so Beckham always dresses for the occasion. In fact, he has set a fashion trend for his best looks for riding a motorcycle.

Beckham has a large collection of motorcycles, which he treasures, highlighting a 1920 Knucklehead. Among his favorite brands is Triumph, especially his Bonneville, from this British company.

In 2014, as part of a documentary called “David Beckham: Into the Unknown”, he took a trip on his Bonneville motorcycle to the deepest part of the Amazon, together with a group of friends.

Three years ago, he shared on his Instagram account of him how he rode the roads of California on his custom Harley-Davidson, accompanied by his friend Derek White.


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