Copa América USA 2024

While Bielsa earns $4M with Uruguay, the highest paid coaches list at Copa America where Scaloni is not even top 5

The Copa America is approaching and the current champions’ manager is not one of the best paid managers.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Marcelo Bielsa looks at the game with an Uruguay jacket and Lionel Scaloni has his hand on his chin.
Marcelo Bielsa looks at the game with an Uruguay jacket and Lionel Scaloni has his hand on his chin.
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Copa America 2024 is days away, and the Argentina national team is seen as the favorite to win the tournament due to their recent success. The Argentina team won the last Copa America trophy in 2021 in Brazil, and then they won the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Their manager, Lionel Scaloni, has been responsible for the Argentina team winning these important trophies, and now they are aiming to win another Copa America to win three out of three international competitions they play in. Despite the success, Scaloni is not one of the best-paid managers in the Copa America. He is not even among the top five best-paid managers in South America. The number one manager who is paid the best is Uruguay’s manager, Marcelo Bielsa. He has transformed Uruguay to be a serious threat in South America and is also one of the favorites to win Copa America 2024 this summer.

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Brazil’s national team manager, Dorival Junior, is the second best-paid manager in South America, as he also earns around $4 million. Ricardo Gareca earned $3.7 million for coaching the Chilean national team. Daniel Garnero gets paid $3 million to coach the national team of Paraguay. Fernando Batista earns around $3 million to coach the national team of Venezuela.

Lionel Scaloni appears on the list as the sixth best-paid manager in South America. The World Cup champion and the current holder of Copa America earns $2.6 million to coach Argentina’s national team. Below him is Felix Sanchez, who earns $2.4 million to coach the Ecuador national team. Nestor Lorenzo coaches the Colombia national team, and he earns $2.4 million. Jorge Fossati earns $2 million to coach the Peru national team. Antonio Carlo Zago coached the national team of Bolivia, and he earns the least, with a $1.1 million salary.

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Argentina’s squad for Copa America

Lionel Scaloni named the Argentina national team squad for Copa America 2024 with a few surprising changes. One of the names that isn’t surprising is Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria. Scaloni is calling up youngster Valentin Carboni and did not call up Paulo Dybala, who had a great season with AS Roma.

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