Copa América USA 2024

(VIDEO) Not only in the field, Brazil will miss Neymar more than ever, and Marquinhos reveals the principal reason

The Brazilian national team will miss Neymar in the 2024 Copa America, even off the pitch according to Marquinhos.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Neymar does a celebration with his hands wearing the Brazil kit while Marquinhos also wears the Brazil kit.
Neymar does a celebration with his hands wearing the Brazil kit while Marquinhos also wears the Brazil kit.
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Neymar Jr. is regarded as one of the greatest Brazilian players of all time as he found success in Europe, especially at FC Barcelona. The Brazilian star is at Al Hilal in the Saudi Pro League, but he is injured and missed most of the season. He will also miss the 2024 Copa America in the United States. Not only is Neymar crucial to Brazil on the pitch, but he also is crucial to the team off the pitch. Another crucial Brazli player, Marquinhos, recognized Neymar as a great person to have in the locked room during the Brazil national team matches. The PSG defender recalls the 2022 World Cup elimination against Croatia when he missed his penalty, which led to the team’s elimination. The PSG defender didn’t want to talk to anyone, but Neymar was the first one to approach and console him during that difficult moment.

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After Brazil’s elimination from the World Cup, Marquinhos revealed what Neymar said to him. Neymar didn’t blame him because of his failed penalty kick. Marquinhos said, “After Croatia’s game, I didn’t want to see anyone. Neymar went to my room and said, ‘Don’t take this on by yourself; we’re together. This is everyone’s responsibility.’ he was one of the first people to talk to me. And this is my biggest picture of Neymar; besides what he does on the pitch, he’s an amazing person.”

Although Neymar was a true teammate and leader at that moment, the Al Hilal player suffered the most out of any Brazilian player in the squad, according to many teammates in the Brazil national team. It was evident from a fan’s perspective as Neymar was crying after the game against Croatia in the quarterfinals of the World Cup 2022. Lucas Paqueta was asked who on the team suffered the most, and he said, “Neymar, he was destroyed. I was embarrassed seeing him like that. Before the game, he said, ‘I hope you guys never feel what I felt in the last World Cup ‘cause it’s really bad. So let’s do our best so that doesn’t happen.’”

Neymar has played a total of three World Cups throughout his career. In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the Brazilian national team reached the semifinals, ending in a 7-1 loss against Germany. Brazil placed fourth in the tournament as they lost 3-0 against the Netherlands in the 3rd place game. In the 2018 World Cup, Belgium eliminated Brazil in the quarterfinals as they lost 2-1. Now, the team will head into the Copa America to try to win their first major trophy since the 2019 Copa America.

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What’s next for Neymar?

Neymar is still in rehab, trying to recover from the ACL injury he suffered in a Brazil vs Uruguay match last October. The Brazilian star looks closer to a return to the football pitch as he continues to work at the Al Hilal facilities by doing some stretches and gym work. Neymar was also seen juggling the ball on the pitch, which showcases that his return is closer than ever, but he will not participate in the Copa America as he has yet to fully recover. Neymar posted a video of him juggling a ball at the beach on his social media pages, hinting that his return is close.

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