Copa América USA 2024

It is not Messi’s Argentine, the millionaire values of the national team from Copa America & the first ranked surprises

Lionel Messi’s team in Copa America is not the highest valuable team this summer.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Lionel Messi looks up while wearing an Argentina jersey and the Argentina flag is next to him.
Lionel Messi looks up while wearing an Argentina jersey and the Argentina flag is next to him.
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Copa America is days away from starting, and the Argentina national team will be opening the tournament against Canada at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium this Thursday. Many expect Argentina to perform well in this tournament since they are the current World Champions and the holders of the Copa America that they won in 2021. The Argentina national team may arguably have the strongest team in the competition, but surprisingly, they are not the most valuable team in the tournament. Argentina is the second most valuable team in Copa America 2024, as the team is valued at around $917k. In first place is Brazil, as their team for Copa America is valued at around $1.35 million. The team includes Vinicius Jr., whose market value is more than $180 million, and Rodrygo, whose market value is more than $110 million. Argentina’s most valuable player in the Copa America squad is Lautaro Martinez, who is worth more than $110 million, according to Transfermarkt.

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Below Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay has the third most valuable squad in Copa America 2024. Under them is a surprise as the United States team is fourth in the ranking. Colombia is 5th in the overall ranking, followed by Ecuador, Mexico, and Canada. To finish the top 10, Paraguay and Chile complete the top 10 most valuable squads in the tournament this summer. The last six teams that are amongst the most valuable squads in the tournament are Venezuela, Peru, Jamaica, Panama, Costa Rica, and Bolivia, who are last.

The sponsors for the team’s jerseys in Copa America include Adidas, Nike, Marathon, Puma, and Reebok. Reebok sponsors Panama, while Puma sponsors Paraguay. Marathon sponsors Bolivia and Ecuador. Nike has four teams: Brazil, Uruguay, the United States, and Canada. Adidas sponsors the most teams in Copa America as they have eight teams, which is half of the teams in the tournament. Those teams are Argentina, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Jamaica, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

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Respect in South America

Although Brazil and Argentina are big rivals in international football, a Brazilian player defended the Argentina national team recently. That player was Raphinha as he reacted to the comments of Kylian Mbappé, who said that the EUROS is more difficult than the World Cup. This caused lots of controversy amongst the football community, but Raphinha responded and did not let the rivalry between Brazil and Argentina get in the way of defending the World Cup and the achievement Argentina made in 2022 against Mbappé's France.

Raphinha said, “Unfortunately for him [Mbappé], and fortunately for us, he lost a World Cup to a South American team. I would like to see the European teams do the qualifiers in South America, on the pitch, and at the altitude we face. I want to see then if it’s easy or difficult!” Argentina fans appreciated the comments Raphinha made, and respect was earned by the international rivals. Argentina and Brazil are favorites for Copa America 2024, and they could meet in the final if they get past their group stage and through the knockout stages.

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