Neymar very hard with the organization of the Copa América

By Alexis Almosnino

Neymar very hard with the organization of the Copa América

Neymar again attacked the organization of the Copa América for offering pitches in terrible condition. The Brazilian ‘10’ shared an image on his social networks.

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Neymar used his social networks to complain again about the terrible state of the fields in the different venues of the Copa América. The '10' of the Brazilian team made a publication this Monday so that, ironically, he would express his protest against the organization of the continental competition. Through a story on Instagram, the ‘Canarinha’ star uploaded a photograph in which he presented a field without grass (at the top) and the mythical Wembley Stadium (at the bottom).

Likewise, the PSG man added the following question: "Where will the team's next game be?" It is the second time that ‘Ney’ has used this medium to complain about this situation, which clearly affects the footballers and the spectacle that can be seen during the contest. Just a few days ago, the '10' sent a postcard celebrating a goal and added mockingly: “Celebrating yesterday's goal on the‘ beautiful lawn ’of Engenhao”.

On the eve of the clash between ‘Scratch’ and Ecuador, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) tried to change headquarters and sent a request that Conmebol did not respond to. Faced with that decision, the media wanted to know the opinion of Tite, coach of the team that will act as host.

“If I'm going to talk about the field being bad, I'm going to be fined. If I'm going to talk about (the organization) being a disaster, I'm going to be fined. I'm not going to talk”, said the Brazilian strategist about the possible measures that Conmebol could take. Anyway, the question arises: will Neymar be sanctioned after so many public complaints? It only rest to wait, if we want to know this answer.


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