Miguel Herrera confessed the name of the worst player who called the Mexico National Team

By Mauricio Saenz

Miguel Herrera confessed the name of the worst player who called the Mexico National Team

The former coach of El Tri named a former Chivas and Cruz Azul player as the 'disappointment' of all the footballers he called

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If there is something that characterizes Miguel Herrera is his sincerity and his direct way of expressing his opinion, that is why the technical director didn't remain silent at the time of an uncomfortable question during a television program: Who's the worst footballer than called up the Mexico National Team?

Now that he is waiting for a job offer, Tigres being the Liga MX team that has sounded the most for him to lead in Mexican soccer again, the 'Piojo' has taken the time to have fun and parade through some television programs, because thanks to his charisma, he is constantly required.

Thus, Miguel Herrera was one of the guests in the night show 'Tu-Night with Omar Chaparro' conducted from Los Angeles, in the United States, by the Mexican driver, who in one of the game dynamics, where if he did not answer he had Than to drink a shot of tequila, he asked the former coach of América about the worst footballer who called El Tri.

Without hesitation, the famous former national coach named Carlos Gullit Peña in his answer, however, he clarified that at that time, 2014-2015, he wasn't 'bad', rather he did not perform as expected because He was emotionally affected by the injury that left his teammate in León, Luis Montes, out of the World Cup.

 "At the time I don't think it was the worst, because I was living a very good moment, I think that in that transition from reaching the World Cup, what happened with Chapito Montes hit Gullit Peña very hard and we fell apart. There we could no longer recover Gullit, but he was not called up as bad, I think that you hardly summon bad players to the National Team ", declared the 'Piojo' thus avoiding the tequila shot.


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