Gold Cup 2021 tickets: how much money cost to see a match, prices and more

Everything you need to know to buy tickets for the Gold Cup

By Mauricio Saenz

Everything you need to know to buy tickets for the Gold Cup
Everything you need to know to buy tickets for the Gold Cup
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Little by little, after more than a year of no public presence at sporting events, the fans are returning to the stadiums. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic isn't over, but with the large number of people vaccinated in the United States, it allows the various teams of all sports to open the doors to their fans again.

And the Concacaf Gold Cup will be no exception. After there is a reduced group of spectators in the final phase of the Concacaf Nations League compared to the capacity of the stadium, on this occasion the authorities determined that there will be free attendance at the matches, which is why they are already there selling tickets.

How to get tickets for the Concacaf Gold Cup games?

Entering the link one has access to the competition's match grid and, also, to the possibility of buying tickets for all matches.

How much is a ticket worth for Concacaf Gold Cup matches?

The six first round games will be played at DRV PNK Stadium, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. If you want to see any of these games, you must pay $ 20, being the only value of the ticket. For the second pre-round matches of the competition, increase the value of the ticket to $ 25.

Already in the group stage, the value of the tickets varies depending on which selected one is going to see. However, it has a minimum amount of 30 dollars and, for example, to see the USMNT and the Mexican National Team a maximum of more than 300 dollars.

In the quarterfinal, semifinal and final matches, they have a minimum value of $ 80 which, obviously, will increase depending on the countries that will play.


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