Euro 2021: Doctor doubts Christian Eriksen can play again after the collapse

Christian Eriksen is stable and the doctors are doing studies

By Mauricio Saenz

Denmark National team during the Euro 2021. (Source: Eurosport)
Denmark National team during the Euro 2021. (Source: Eurosport)
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On Saturday, Christian Eriksen put everyone in suspense. The Danish player suffered a collapse when he was playing for his National Team against Finland, for the first date of Euro 2021, he was revived on the playing field, transferred to a hospital and continues to be hospitalized for different studies to determine how he's doing.

This Sunday, cardiologist Sanjay Sharma, who knows the player from his passage through Tottenham, commented that Eriksen hasn't previous pathologies and that they must investigate why the collapse occurred. "Clearly something went terribly wrong. But they managed to get it back. The question is: what happened? And why did it happen? This man had normal tests until 2019, so how do you explain this heart attack?" a note reproduced by the DPA agency.

The last medical report delivered this Sunday by the Danish Football Federation (DBU) indicates that his condition is "stable" and that he will remain hospitalized to undergo more exhaustive studies.

"I'm very happy. The fact that he's stable and awake says that his perspective is going to be very good," said the doctor, who also considered: "It cann't be guaranteed that he can play football again".

Christian Eriksen spoke with his teammates

In the hospital, after undergoing the first medical studies, Eriksen wrote in the WhatsApp group with his teammates and wondered how they were doing. "I think they are worse than me," said the Inter Milan player.

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