Euro 2021: Christian Eriksen remains stable and lucid after collapsing in the match

Christian Eriksen kept all the fans in suspense. Fortunately he is stable and lucid

By Mauricio Saenz

Christian Eriksen wearing the jersey of Denmark. (Source: ESPN)
Christian Eriksen wearing the jersey of Denmark. (Source: ESPN)
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Saturday June 12, 2021 will be a difficult date to forget. And, to everyone's peace of mind, after a moment of extreme drama, everything seems to be left behind at a bad time. It's that in the match between Denmark and Finland, for the first date of Group B of Euro 2021, Christian Eriksen collapsed within minutes of the end of the first half and was revived on the field of play. After stabilizing him, he was transferred to a hospital, where he continues to be hospitalized and is undergoing tests to confirm his health.

It all began to happen 43 minutes into the first half, when Denmark attacked and got ready to make a side from the left. They passed the ball to Eriksen who, barely tried to stop the ball, fell collapsed, alarming everyone. That's when Danish captain Simon Kjaer stepped into action to save his life: he prevented him from swallowing his tongue, alerted the medics, and positioned him for CPR.

While the squad doctors treated Eriksen, Kjaer ordered his teammates to form a barrier, so that neither the spectators nor the television cameras could observe what was being done to the Inter Milan player. Once everything was "in order", he went to the audience to console Eriksen's wife and explain everything that had happened.

While all this was going on, the doctors performed CPR on Eriksen who, fortunately, responded satisfactorily. They automatically put oxygen on him and transferred him to a hospital for tests. Before leaving the stadium, the first encouraging image was seen: Eriksen awake and conscious.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the first official medical report was produced: "Christian Eriksen is awake and his condition remains stable. He remains hospitalized in Rigshospitalet for further tests."

Little by little, the fear and panic that reigned was left behind. The news was still encouraging. "He communicated with the teammates and told them that he is fine. That is why the game will resume," commented several journalists who were present at the stadium. And from Milan, the news was similar: "He wrote to the WhatsApp chat of his classmates and told her that he was fine. That they were going to study for him, but that he was fine."

At early morning on Sunday in Europe, the player remained hospitalized, stable and lucid, waiting for further studies to be carried out.

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