How can I watch Copa America 2021? Schedule, list of fixture matches, kickoff and more

All the details of the tournament that will be played, after much controversy, in full in Brazil

By Mauricio Saenz

All the details of the tournament that will be played, after much controversy, in full in Brazil
All the details of the tournament that will be played, after much controversy, in full in Brazil
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After many doubts and changes, the Copa América is about to start in Brazil. The 10 teams that make up ConmebolL will be those who participate, since the two invited teams (Qatar and Australia) declined their participation due to the tight schedule and the pandemic. The first step is the exciting group stage, which consists of 20 games. A neutral venue match is played in a free-for-all format. The first four from each zone ensure their place in the round of 16.

When does the Copa América group stage start?

The start date is Sunday June 13 with the match Brazil vs. Venezuela. The culmination is June 28 with Uruguay vs Paraguay.

What are the participating countries?

Group A: Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay

Group B: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

Group stage schedule

All times are expressed in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay time. In Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia and Venezuela it is one hour less. In Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, two hours less. In the United States, one hour less on the East Coast, four hours less on the West Coast. In Mexico, meanwhile, two hours less.


06/13 - 18:00 Brazil vs. Venezuela - Mané Garrincha Stadium (Brasilia)

06/13 - 21:00 Colombia vs. Ecuador - Arena Pantanal (Cuiabá)

06/14 - 18:00 Argentina vs. Chile - Nilton Santos Stadium (Rio de Janeiro)

06/14 - 20:00 Paraguay vs. Bolivia - Olympic Stadium (Goiania)

Free: Uruguay and Peru


06/17 - 17:00 Colombia vs. Venezuela - Olympic Stadium (Goiania)

06/17 - 21:00 Peru vs. Brazil - Nilton Santos Stadium (Rio de Janeiro)

06/18 - 18:00 Chile vs. Bolivia - Arena Pantanal (Cuiabá)

06/18 - 21:00 Argentina vs. Uruguay - Mané Garrincha Stadium (Brasilia)

Free: Paraguay and Ecuador


06/20 - 18:00 Venezuela vs. Ecuador - Nilton Santos Stadium (Rio de Janeiro)

06/20 - 20:00 Colombia vs. Peru - Olympic Stadium (Goiania)

06/21 - 18:00 Uruguay vs. Chile - Arena Pantanal (Cuiabá)

06/21 - 21:00 Argentina vs. Paraguay - Mané Garrincha Stadium (Brasilia)

Free: Brazil and Bolivia


06/23 - 17:00 Ecuador vs. Peru - Olympic Stadium (Goiania)

06/23 - 21:00 Brazil vs. Colombia - Nilton Santos Stadium (Rio de Janeiro)

06/24 - 18:00 Bolivia vs. Uruguay - Arena Pantanal (Cuiabá)

06/24 - 21:00 Chile vs. Paraguay - Mané Garrincha Stadium (Brasilia)

Free: Venezuela and Argentina


07/27 - 17:00 Ecuador vs. Brazil - Olympic Stadium (Goiania)

07/27 - 18:00 Venezuela vs. Peru - Mané Garrincha Stadium (Brasilia)

06/28 - 21:00 Bolivia vs. Argentina - Arena Pantanal (Cuiabá)

06/28 - 21:00 Uruguay vs. Paraguay - Nilton Santos Stadium (Rio de Janeiro)

Free: Chile and Colombia

In which stadiums will the Copa América 2021 be played?

After the losses of Colombia and Argentina from the organization of the Copa América, Conmebol announced the decision to move the event to Brazil. Now, what has been ratified after the announcement by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and later by the South American entity itself, are the four venues that will host the event: Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Cuiabá and Goiania.

Mané Garrincha

Pantanal Arena

Nilton Santos



Where to watch the Copa América's in the USA?

The Televisa Univisión Deportes Network (TUDN) channel, owned by Televisa and Mexican-American property, will have the broadcasting rights in Spanish of the Copa América 2021, as well as the incidents of the Gold Cup 2021.

TUDN is a paid subscription channel where anyone who wants to watch the Copa América matches can do so through that signal. There is no other authorized medium for the transmission of the Conmebol contest matches in the United States.

"This agreement gives TUDN three of the most important soccer tournaments of the summer; we are very happy that the jewel in the crown of South American soccer is returning to Univisión," said Juan Carlos Rodríguez, president of Sports at Univisión.

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