Concacaf Gold Cup or Conmebol Copa América? Who distributes the most money in prizes

By Mauricio Saenz

Concacaf Gold Cup or Conmebol Copa América? Who distributes the most money in prizes

They are the two most important national team tournaments on the continent and they distribute a very different amount in prizes

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In the American continent there are two tournaments at the National Team level: In South America the Conmebol Copa América is played with the ten member federations; while in Central and North America, in addition to the Concacaf Nations League, the Gold Cup is played. 

The Copa América, after much controversy, will finally start on Sunday and will be played in its entirety in Brazil. First, the contest was going to be played last year and the venues were to be Argentina and Colombia. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was delayed for twelve months, in the same organizing countries. But the social and governmental crisis that is being experienced in Colombia, added to the second wave of the virus in Argentina, caused that Conmebol controversially decided to move the contest to the land where Neymar was born.

The Gold Cup, meanwhile, will begin to be played in less than a month, with the first two rounds of the competition. Then it will be the turn of the group stage and subsequent "heads up" elimination rounds. The tournament will be played in its entirety in the United States and, as we have already told you in previous notes, the final will be in Las Vegas. Now, how much money do each of the tournaments distribute for participating and for winning it?

When will the Gold Cup and Copa America be awarded in prize money?

As published by the Marca portal in its Latin American version, playing in the group stage of the Gold Cup ensures the federations $ 200,000 dollars. Now, the three teams that finish on the podium will get a much higher sum, given that the champion will take $ 1 million dollars, the runner-up will do the same with $ 500,000 dollars, while the third pocket $ 200,000 dollars.

On the other hand, comparing these figures with what Conmebol distributes during the Copa América results in an abysmal difference. The participants receive $ 1.25 million dollars, only to the invited countries, while the South American teams take $ 4 million dollars. We highlight that in this edition that is about to begin in Brazil there will be no selected guests due to the coronavirus pandemic


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