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Zinedine Zidane got angry with a journalist and criticized him harshly

By Mauricio Saenz

Zinedine Zidane got angry with a journalist and criticized him harshly

The former Real Madrid coach reappeared in public and criticized a journalist

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Nothing was known about Zinedine Zidane from the very moment he stopped being Real Madrid coach. The Frenchman said goodbye to Merengue with a letter published in the newspaper As and also on his social networks and after that he "disappeared." Until this Sunday.

Luca, one of his sons, played the first final for promotion to the League with Rayo Vallecano. The goalkeeper started the 2-1 defeat against Girona and his father was one of the 1,500 spectators who attended the match played at the Vallecas Stadium. And obviously his presence didn't go unnoticed at all.

That is how the journalist Sergio Quirante, from Gol, approached him to ask him about Real Madrid's exit letter, something that the French didn't like at all and criticized it very harshly.

"Mister, how are you? How's everything? Did Real Madrid go wrong with the letter at the end?" The journalist asked him. Without a quick response from Zidane, the silence said it all. But the Frenchman stopped his march and said: "Are you going to keep asking the same nonsense questions?" and he pointed out with "your work is disgraceful".

"I know you and you know me. The same thing always happens to us. But you ... come here. Leave. Come here. Come talk to me. Go away, you," added the coach. Moments later, a journalist leaves with Zidane and the image is interrupted, without knowing how it continues.



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