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Pep Guardiola to Barcelona: Laporta's key call for him to return to the club

Josep Guardiola's chosen by Joan Laporta to be Barcelona coach

By Mauricio Saenz

Josep Guardiola's chosen by Joan Laporta to be Barcelona coach
Josep Guardiola's chosen by Joan Laporta to be Barcelona coach
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He was at the gates of a new title. The Champions League continues to elude Pep Guardiola, who lifted the long-awaited trophy in the 2010/2011 season, when he was still the manager of Barcelona. After that trophy, he managed Bayern Munich and now Manchester City, but could not get the Orejona again. And, in this context, in the next few hours Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona, will call Josep Guardiola to offer him the technical direction of the Catalans.

"We had an excellent season, but I'm sad that we lost. We had the chances, especially at the beginning with Sterling and Foden. In the second half we were more constant in our attack. We were a bit passive in our movements at the end of the season. First half we competed incredibly well, it was our first time here, we only have to congratulate Chelsea for the victory and prepare to return one day", said the Spanish coach at a press conference.

Regarding what was missing for his team to win the match, Pep commented that "the match was very close, we have competed very well against a very tough, very strong team." On the other hand, he was consulted for the absence of a central midfielder, Rodri, whom he relegated to make Sterling start. "We have not suffered defensively, but it has been difficult for us to find the next line," said Pep.

Finally, he assured that "there are wonderful teams in this competition that in 60 years have won it four, five or six times. We could have played a little better in the first half, but it was our first time. It was not too dangerous to do so. we have conceded. They have a very strong defensive structure, very solid. We have had the chances. We have not put them in and they have won. "

Joan Laporta will call Josep Guardiola

Since he won the elections for president in Barcelona, Joan Laporta has only one name to be a club coach: Josep Guardiola. The coach marked an era in the club and in world football by directing the Catalans and it was at the last club that he managed to win the Champions League.

With Lionel Messi's continuation almost assured, plus the arrival of top-level reinforcements, Guardiola would begin to hesitate not to accept the offer. But, for now, we will have to wait for Laporta to contact him in the next few days and make the desire to hire him effective.

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