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Diego Simeone won La Liga with Atlético Madrid: How many titles does have as a coach?

Diego Simeone added a new title as coach of Atlético Madrid

By Mauricio Saenz

Diego Simeone added a new title as coach of Atlético Madrid
Diego Simeone added a new title as coach of Atlético Madrid
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It was suffered, it cost, but it was achieved. Diego Pablo Simeone, Atlético Madrid coach added a new title to his record with the Colchonero team. Spectacular Cholo in these more than eight at the head of the Rojiblanco team. Second La Liga title after the one achieved seven seasons ago, at 13-14. A trophy that seemed unrepeatable due to the dimension of the achievement, but that has been repeated again in this 20-21 campaign that will forever remain in the memory of the Colchoneros fans.

For the mattress coach it's the eighth trophy he has won with Atlético Madrid, which he also came close to becoming champion of the Champions League on two occasions, in the finals in Lisbon and Milan, or with which he was able to win several more trophies in several finals of the Spanish Super Cup.

Cholo has long surpassed Luis Aragonés as the coach with the most titles in the club's history, but he's now delving into that difference. The Sabio signed six in various stages, while Simeone's now in eight with this last league, four in national competitions and four in European torches. La Liga 20-21, La Liga 13-14, Copa del Rey 12-13 and a Spanish Super Cup in 2014 and four continental ones with two European League (11-12 and 17-18) and two European Super Cups (2012 and 2018 ).

But beyond the titles, you have to see the impact that the arrival of Simeone had on Atlético. There're few coaches who have changed the life of a club as much as he has. Since that Europa League on 11-12 in his first term in charge of the team until now, he has made Atlético one of the most competitive clubs in Europe.

Although Atlético has titles of all colors and origins, except the Champions League, the really important ones, the really great ones, are 32 at the moment (11 Leagues, 10 King's Cups, 2 Spanish Super Cups, 3 Europa League, 1 European Cup Winners' Cup, 3 European Super Cups, 1 Intercontinent Cup and 1 Intertoto Cup). Well, Simeone has signed 25% of all the titles of a club that has 118 years of history. That's, one in four titles came from him.

But it's also that, from the numerical point of view, he's brutal. There's no color. It has a 60% win rate. He's well above the second highest, which's Helenio Herrera, with 52.3% of victories. To compare, Luis Aragonés, who's the fourth with the best record, achieved 47.67% of wins.

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