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Antonio Mohamed recounted the day he played a game against drug traffickers in Mexico

The coach recalled an anecdote when he was a Toros Nexa player

By Mauricio Saenz

The coach recalled an anecdote when he was a Toros Nexa player
The coach recalled an anecdote when he was a Toros Nexa player
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To say the name of Antonio Mohamed in Mexico is to mention one of the great players who competed in Liga MX, as well as a prestigious coach who obtained good results in all the teams where he was.

In Argentina, the country of his birth, meanwhile, is also recognized but not at the same level as it's in Mexico. However, at all times they conduct interviews with him to learn about his present and also to tell him some of the various anecdotes that he has throughout his career.

In that sense, El Turco went to the ESPN F Show television program and remembered what happened to him in Toros Nexa, a club in which when he was a player he lived a very particular situation with a group of dangerous drug traffickers.

"Has no 'spicy' ever appeared to you?", asked the journalist Alejandro Fantino, referring to drug traffickers, because previously he put on the table an anecdote that the Mexican presenter, Facundo Gómez, had told about an interview he had to carry out in the middle of the mafia.

"Yes, we had to go play a game near Querétaro at a house," said Mohamed before specifying how that adventure was in the nineties.

"We had to go and play against the team they had," said the former Rayados coach to the amazement of the panelists and subsequent laughter. “There was already a contact in between but we didn't know who they really were. Then you find out for a couple of years because a photo appears somewhere”.

El Turco didn't reveal the name of the figure he had in front of him, because when they questioned him about who he had been, he referred to affirming that he was an important person but that he was never arrested.

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