USMNT mocks Gerardo Martino in the face and creates a conflict between the coach and the Mexican federation

USMNT started a new camp with MLS players and I took the opportunity to send a clear message to Gerardo Martino and the Mexican team.
miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2020 · 12:45

The USMNT is one of the teams that is causing the most sensation in recent months and after a new call for a new Camp, they made fun of Mexico after two players have chosen to participate with them. Gerardo Martino is being highly questioned about this issue and there could be decisions for the future of the Mexican team.

Today players with dual nationality think very well between whether to represent the USMNT or the Mexican team. The recent growth and the great future of the USMNT makes players think that leaving the Mexican team aside may be the best option. That is the case of Julian Aruajo and Efrain Alvarez who decided to join the USMNT.

USMNT was very quick to summon and convince Araujo and Alvarez to play for them. They are two of the best young players in MLS and that's why they couldn't lose them. On Instagram, the USMNT does not tire of uploading photos of the two of them to show the Mexican team and Martino that the players did not choose them.

In addition, the USMNT shows the players with a smile or enjoying being called up. These messages should be taken as a wake-up call for Gerardo Martino and the Mexican team, since as Julian Araujo or Efrain Alvarez left today, tomorrow other players could choose to represent other countries.