The unusual error of USMNT with Efrain Alvarez that fills Gerardo Martino and the Mexican team with hope

Efrain Alvarez decided to represent USMNT and they were called up to face El Salvador but an unusual mistake leaves him out of the game.
miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2020 · 14:05

Efrain Alvarez's call to the USMNT was all smiles until it was known that he will not be able to play against El Salvador. The USMNT had managed to get the player who had played for the Mexican youth teams to decide for the USMNT and put aside Gerardo Martino's team. This problem could give Mexicans the hope of having Efrain Alvarez.

The leaders of the USMNT must be disappointed in not having realized before this problem that surrounds Efrain Alvarez. The LA Galaxy player will not be able to be in the game against El Salvador since they did not realize that they had not requested the official change in FIFA so that Efrain Alvarez can play for the USMNT.

As Efrain Alvarez played for Mexico in the under 17 World Cup, the USMNT should have asked FIFA for “the one-time change” so that Alvarez can play for them. After this mistake, Efrain Alvarez will only be able to train with the USMNT and thus his dream of playing for the USMNT first team will be frustrated.

Thanks to this problem with Efrain Alvarez, Gerardo Martino and the Mexican team now have one last chance to convince the young LA Galaxy player to choose to represent Mexico. While it is difficult for Efrain Alvarez to change his mind, Gerardo Martino's selection will not lose hope until opportunities are exhausted.