Freddy Adu, the new Pele, began his rehabilitation in Sweden and already causes excitement in the fans

Freddy Adu caused a sensation when he debuted at age 14 in the MLS but today his life changed completely and he is trying to be born again.
sábado, 28 de noviembre de 2020 · 23:30

At 14 Freddy Adu was considered the new Pele and his career started on the right foot. With the record of having been the youngest player to debut in a professional league, today Freddy Adu seems to have found his place to rehabilitate himself in sports terms. Freddy Adu, at the age of 31, needs to find his place in the world again.

For this reason, Freddy Adu signed with a team from the third division of Sweden with the aim of promoting to second and thus continues to first. Freddy Adu arrived as the star that he knew how to be and the Swedish fans were delirious with his presence. Freddy Adu in his first training sessions showed why he called him the new Pele and dazzled his teammates.

The new Pele came to play in several countries such as Portugal, Greece or Turkey but he never managed to prove why he carried that nickname. Freddy Adu saw his career frustrated and that is why he stopped playing before he was 30 years old. It is a hard life story but today he is trying to reverse to retire in the best way, inside a soccer stadium.

The football rehabilitation of Freddy Adu is taking place and the new Pele has the possibility of showing again why he was called that. Osterlen FF fans are very happy with the hiring of Freddy Adu and hope that he will lead him to glory. Freddy Adu wants to show again why the nickname of the new Pele was no coincidence