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The two players who could betray the Mexican Team because of Gerardo Martino

The two promises of Mexican football who will play in the US national team because Gerardo Martino do not call them for the first team
viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2020 · 23:40

In today's football where young people are very important in the teams, it is very important to have them in the squads. And even more so when we are talking about a national team. In football, Mexico and the United States are rivals in tournaments such as CONCACAF, World Cup qualifiers and even World Cups.

That is why it would be rare for two players to go from one national team to the other. The two players who will do this are Efraín Álvarez and Julian Araujo: two great promises who are playing their first games but they have great skills and there are already important teams in Europe that have asked for them.



It seems that finally these players will play for the United States team and not for Mexico. They will be in the call-up for the US national team next week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, according to sources. Álvarez represented "El Tri" at the U-17 World Cup last year in Brazil, scoring four goals in seven games. On the other hand, Araujo represented United States Under-20s in the World Cup last year, but he did not play.

Martino had said that "Araujo is doing things very well and a few days ago” and that he “expressed his wish that he be part of the Mexican National Team”. Martino added that he “decided to work out with his family which way to go". Araujo has previously stated that choosing which national team to represent was going to be a "difficult decision."