Why does the USMNT need to play with Gioacchini as traditional 9 and not with Lletget as false 9?

USMNT beat Panama by 6 to 2 and it left a much better image than the one it had shown days ago against Wales and it owes much to playing with a traditional 9.
lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2020 · 20:09

Berhalter had decided that the first game against Wales Lletget would play as false 9 and thus be able to have more control of the ball. That did not turn out as they expected and for the game against Panama he decided to change the system and put Gioacchini as a traditional 9 and the result was very different.

This idea of ​​putting a false 9 is copied from FC Barcelona when Messi is located in that position and wins a very important space and put the central defenders of the other team in a very unconfortable position. Berhalter tried to mimic that with Lletget but lost a lot of space for players like Gio Reyna to take over the ball and spaces.

In this way, Berhalter "cage" Giovanni Reyna and does not let him free so that the forward could create as he wanted. That difference was very clear in the game against Panama where he played with a traditional nine and Giovanni Reyna was much more comfortable and efficient. Berhalter must have realized that he has to play a traditional 9, especially when he plays Pulisic again.

The presence of Gioacchini gave USMNT greater offensive power and greater depth in the game. The Caen striker was able to score twice and showed great connection with the rest of his teammates. Hopefully Berhalter took note that USMNT performed better with a player who is traditional 9 and not someone who comes down to fetch the ball a lot.