The message of the USMNT for the Mexican team ahead of the Golden Cup

USMNT beat the Panama team 6-2 and left a clear message to Gerardo Martino's team for the future
lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2020 · 20:31

Both the Mexican team and the USMNT are having friendly matches to prepare for the Golden Cup and qualification for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The team led by Berhalter had two preparation matches and in one of them they shone precisely against a direct rival of the CONCACAF. Mexico should be careful what USMNT showed.

The future of the USMNT is very promising and precisely against Panama they showed that they are at a higher level than the average of those selected in the world. The large numbers of players who are playing in in the best teams of Europe make the USMNT have a really good future. The average age of the USMNT does not reach 22 years.

Gerardo Martino must be very attentive to what the USMNT does since it is his rival to beat in the Golden Cup. After beating Panama, the USMNT made it clear that it will make things difficult for the Mexican team. It is a clear message that Gerardo Martino and the Mexican team will have to make an extra effort if they want to beat the USMNT.

Although the Golden Cup is the next official competition, the USMNT will have to think about a project for the 2026 World Cup that will be in the United States. Martino has to think about the same and not about the immediacy since the 2026 World Cup will also be played in Mexico. Both selected must think ahead and aim to win a World Cup for the first time. The USMNT is doing the same, empowering 17-year-old players to reach 2026 in their best form