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A Cruz Azul player revealed death threats against his children

The hidden detail was known and surprised everyone
jueves, 8 de abril de 2021 · 16:30

Cruz Azul's great current moment does not cover what he experienced since his last Liga MX consecration in 1997. From then on, La Maquina accumulated bad drinks and disappointments that deepened the largest drought in its history. The more than 23 years without titles had a deep impact on several fans and players, who had to endure all kinds of pressure and threats during their stay at La Noria. Along these lines, a new and terrifying story was revealed by filmmaker Carlos Batiz.

"There is a player who tells us: 'You do not know how embarrassed we go out when we lose, my children have been threatened with death.' It would be good if people knew the human aspect, it really contrasts with what we have seen on the court, "said who collaborated in the production of the documentary Azul Oscuro.

In addition, Batiz revealed that many elements reproach the idea that they sold some crashes, such as the Semifinal of the Liguilla last against Pumas: "Do you think I have the face to get to that place, where I have been trained and where I always have they dealt well, with the stain that I supposedly sold myself? It's impossible. "

For now, Cruz Azul's next match to reach the record of 12 consecutive victories will be on Saturday against Chivas at the Azteca Stadium.

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