A Brazilian figure contracted coronavirus, broke the isolation and ran over a person

Luiz Adriano was the protagonist of a scandal this week
jueves, 8 de abril de 2021 · 07:00

Luiz Adriano was the protagonist of a scandal this week in the preview of the clash of his team, Palmeiras, against Defensa y Justicia for the first leg of the Recopa Sudamericana, a contest that faces the two continental champions of the last season in a duel that will open in Buenos Aires and will close next week in Brazil. The footballer, who had to isolate himself for having tested positive for coronavirus, breached the rules and had a road accident.

Luiz Adriano.

According to local media, the striker ran over a cyclist when he was taking his mother to do the shopping, despite the fact that he was prohibited from leaving his home. Fortunately, the person who suffered the impact against the player's vehicle did not have serious injuries, other than a cut on his face, although in a video that went viral, he is seen on the ground together while being treated by a doctor. Despite the shocking of the images, the episode did not pass to adults, as explained by the footballer himself on social networks.

“I'm totally asymptomatic, but the rules of the club are clear. I was instructed to stay in a quarantined house under the supervision of the medical department, but yesterday I went to the supermarket in the mall to take my mom who doesn't know how to drive, without getting out of the car and wearing a mask, but I ended up getting involved in an accident in which a bicycle collided with the car outside the parking lot. I remained with my mask at all times, but I could not avoid providing assistance to the person who suffered the accident”, he explained.

Palmeiras also assured that Luiz Adriano "wasn't at fault or was driving recklessly", however he announced that he will punish him with a financial fine for having ignored the medical order: "The administrative actions will become a donation of basic food baskets".

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