Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic received strong insults from an animal protection group

The Swedish striker had a bad time
miércoles, 7 de abril de 2021 · 14:30

Zlatan Ibrahimovic always stands out for having somewhat egotistical attitudes that sometimes fall very badly among his colleagues and the sports environment in general. However, this time the Swede was the target of strong insults by an animal protection association that accuses him of having killed a lion in South Africa ten years ago.

The group for animal rights (PETA) dared to interfere with the Milan player, whom it treated as a coward and miserable for having done such an act of cruelty. "Zlatan Ibrahimovic likes to refer to himself as a lion, fierce and strong. However, he likes to kill lions and other animals, showing that he's a miserable coward who indulges in his violent tendencies", said the association.

"It doesn't take skill or strength to corner and shoot a captive animal that never had a chance to escape, defend itself or survive", they added. "Anyone with a conscience would be horrified at the idea of ​​killing animals for fun or to display parts of his body. Ibrahimovic must recognize that and reject trophy hunting", they added.

Although it is an aberrational fact, in South Africa it's legal to obtain permits to kill certain animals so the Swede would not have broken any type of law. However, such an act is still embarrassing for everyone.

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